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Learn about Spylon coatings from Spyder

When you're out in the elements and it really starts coming down, you'll be glad to have a Spyder jacket fully equipped with their Spylon+ DWR coating. This durable water repellant has been updated for the 2016 season, and does a great job of keeping liquids from penetrating the outer layer of your outerwear, allowing the jacket to breath and maintain its insulating ability. This quality also acts as a stain gaurd, protecting the garment from oil and water-based stains. As the name suggests, this water repellant really is durable. Should you ever need to throw your Spyder pants or jacket in the wash, there is no need to worry about washing this coating off. Spylon+ retains up to 80% of it's repellancy after 50 wash cycles. Spyder's traditional Spylon DWR (without the "+"), can be found on much of their gear from seasons prior to 2016-2017. This coating is nearly identical to the updated version, but lasts for fewer laundry cycles, 20 as opposed to 50 for Spylon+.