HXT 10K Heated Fleece Gloves

$39.95 $13.50
Color:  Black

Product Details -

This cold weather fleece glove combines "Soft Touch" polyester fleece for great feel and comfort with the warmth of 2 heat chambers.

Reusable, microwaveable gel packs (included) warms the blood circulating to the hand for hours of warmth (one warmth chamber is behind each hand and the other is at each wrist pulse point). An extra long cuff helps keep the cold our and trap heat inside glove.

Four reusable gel packs are included with each purchase (two for each individual glove's two warmth chambers).

Specs +

  • Style #: FLEECE GLV
  • Check out our page for: Women's HXT
  • Check out our page for: Men's HXT
  • Check out our page for: Kids HXT
  • Season: 2018-2019

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