Hat Happy

Hat Happy

Posted by WinterWomen on Tuesday, December 4, 2012

If you are anything like us, you have a drawer full of beanies that you are just dying to start wearing as soon as the cold weather rolls in.  Your drawer probably grows season after season, and then overflows into multiple drawers.  There is really no way to prevent that from happening.  Every year, brands play around with the classic beanie and make new introductions in color, style, fit, and detailing.  The beanie is defined as “a small round tight-fitting skullcap.”  But those of us that are hat enthusiasts know that the classic beanie has evolved a tremendous amount. Not only are there much larger, slouchier beanies, we have beanies adorned with baseball sized pom-poms.  Aside from just keeping your head warm, they speak directly to your style and personality.

Pretty in Pom-Poms This season, Coal got really playful with the pom-poms, especially with the Kate beanie.  It is one of our favorites for the season.  When looking up the history of the pom-pom as a hat adornment, I realized that not everyone appreciates this design advancement as much as we do.  If this guy saw the Kate beanie, with it’s baseball sized bobble, he might fall out of his chair. Well, we love it, and we are confident that this beanie will get far more compliments than laughs.  You can also unroll the cuff of the beanie, to give it a comfy slouch, and push the pom a little towards the back.  You might laugh experimenting in the mirror with the different ways to wear, but once you find a fit you like, you’ll never want to take it off.

Beautiful Brims Another one of our favorite beanie details is the brim.  Since they come in so many sizes, we suggest testing them all out.  It can be fun to play around with the brim placement and figure out which way looks best on you.  One of our favorites this season is the Spyder Sibyl Hand Knit hat.  This hat has it all: slouch, a pom-pom, sparkle, and a brim.

Fabulous Ear Flaps There are also a number of beanies that are adorned with ear flaps, which are the best for keeping your ears nice and toasty.  Especially when they are lined with a nice soft fleece like in the Salomon Women’s Maya beanie.  Not only are the ear flaps functional, they are adorable.  For extra warmth, a number of the beanies with ear flaps also have knitted strings hanging from them so you can tie up your hat under your chin for ultimate warmth.  You could also leave the braids down for some added style.

Holiday Headbands  Another variation of the beanie, that is really coming back into style, is the winter headband.  On chilly days, when you need a little extra warmth, but don’t quite need full head coverage, winter headbands are the perfect choice.  They give you the feel of a cozy beanie while having the low profile of a standard headband. Our favorite part about them, they are so easy to make uniquely yours, both in the way they are worn, and the details that complete them.  They are so easy and fun to jazz up. If you get the Coal Greer Headband in white, the possibilities are endless.  You can also purchase flower sweater pins (or make your own!) and attach them to the headband to completely change the look.  You can change the color of the pin depending on the color of your outfit.  These headbands come in a variety of different thicknesses so, it is also fun to play around with different ones and see which you like best.

We would love for you to share which pieces of winter head wear are your personal favorite.  If you have any questions and would like some help building those collections, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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