A Summer Challenge

Posted by WinterWomen on Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Staying active in the summer. Seams like it would be pretty easy doesn't it? Normally we're posting about staying active during the winter months, when freezing temps and treacherous road conditions give us all the excuse we need for a day on the couch. Summer can be tricky though. Movie releases and mid-day cat naps are just waiting to pounce on anyone bored enough to give them a second thought.

How about a race? Doesn't have to be too serious, maybe something fun, something to benefit a cause. Or how about starting a small garden. Whatever it is, having something like that to work for can set you up for months of healthy, active routines. A goal makes all the difference. It's easy to skip an activity here or there and put it off for tomorrow when there's no real consequence. But when you have something to work for, the routine becomes essential.

Studies have shown that having a steady routine promotes good health and decreases stress. Even if its not necessarily a five mile run every day, just getting up for a quick walk or doing some early morning plant tending can pay huge dividends mentally and physically. I recently completed my first organized race/obstacle course at the end of June. It was the first time I ever really had to train for anything in particular, and I've gotta say, it did me good. I was all planned and ready to take a break from working out and running after the event, but the drive it left me with stuck and I just rolled right into the next thing.

Getting started is always the hardest part. Starting a conversation, starting a relationship, starting a written paper, it all takes that initial push to get going. Once that happens though, maintaining a steady pace is much easier. So set a goal for yourself this summer. Get a routine going and accomplish something. We all have that list of things we put off each season. Pull out your pen and start checking some off.

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