Perfect Small Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Perfect Small Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Posted by WinterWomen on Sunday, November 25, 2018


F16_Fisher_Jackson_X4Q4557_RGBIt’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving has passed. Snow is falling, lights are going up, candles are being lit, and presents are being wrapped. Buying a loved one a great gift can feel so good but it isn’t always easy to know what to get. If you’re like me, you may tend to make gift giving harder on yourself because you don’t like gifts that don’t have a use. On top of that, there are always tricky folks in the family to shop for. You have the person who seems to have everything they need or your aunt Carol who you really just haven’t figured out quite yet.

Never fear! Here are some great small gifts and stocking stuffer ideas that you can be sure aunt Carol will love and better yet, USE.



I don’t know when socks became branded as an “undesirable” gift. Maybe when you’re a kid you’re not excited about socks or clothing. But as an adult, I can tell you I LOVE a good pair of socks. Honestly, I’m not always willing to spend a little more on good quality when I am buying for myself, so who will buy aunt Carol and I durable, warm socks? Our loved ones on the holidays! It’s simple, it’s not too personal, and it’s a guaranteed winner.

Shop Socks Here!



I am of the firm belief that you can never have too many beanies. I am also the kind of person who tends to lose their beanies, but that’s not the point. The right beanie can complete a perfect winter or fall look in addition to keeping you warm. Now this one might be a little more personal, you might want to know if the person you’re buying for is a pom-pom beanie kind of person or not. Either way, who doesn’t love a good beanie, not to mention, a good quality beanie?

Shop Beanies Here!


Scarves and Neck Warmers

Another thing you can never have too many of is scarves! And now with Collars and Neckwarmers trending, there are so many great options to impress them with. If you know and love an avid outdoor winter adventurer, face and neck protection is a must. Have a friend who bikes to work every day, rain or shine? Get them a Balaclava! They will thank you. Being out in the cold with no face or neck protection can be the difference between a great day and an eh day. So give the gift of a GREAT day every day!

Shop Scarves and Neck Warmers Here!


Gloves and Mittens

In the words of Charlie Brown, “You know why I want to buy Peggy Jean those gloves for Christmas? When I first met her at summer camp, I noticed what pretty hands she had. I want those pretty hands to be warm!” Did your heart just melt? Because mine did. Whether you’re buying gloves for your Peggy Jean or your mom, it’s honestly one of the sweetest gifts I can think of, (thanks, Chuck). Gloves may not necessarily be a stocking stuffer, but they’re a small gift with a lot of love that you know will go to good use.

Shop Gloves and Mittens Here!


Looking for a few more small things to add? Try some Ski/Snow Sunscreen and Lip Balm, and you can never go wrong with Hand Warmers!


Go forth, and conquer this year's holiday season with thoughtful, practical, and great quality gifts!


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