The Best of the Worst Horror Movies Set in Snow

The Best of the Worst Horror Movies Set in Snow

Posted by WinterWomen on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

October is my favorite month. Being in Denver, it means snow is starting to fall, A-Basin is opening early, and people are getting ready for Halloween.

I’ve never been one for horror movies, but I will dig in to get into the Halloween spirit. Obviously, I start with the classics, Addams’ Family Values, Hocus Pocus, The 6th Sense, The Shining, then I venture into the scarier stuff like The Descent and … well, look that’s pretty much it. I am a wuss!

This year, I thought, "Hey, what about horror movies set in snow?" Well, it’s a genre folks, and thank goodness it is. Get your Scary Movie Nights on the calendars because have I got a list of some of the best terrible scary snow-themed movies for you.

*** Please be advised that the following trailers are for films rated R and contain some graphic images. Squeamish, BEWARE ***

Avalanche Sharks. Think Sharknado but in snow! It’s about sharks on the slopes that prey on skiers and snowboarders just trying to have a good time. Oh, and if you’re wondering if there are any other movies about sharks in snow? You’re in luck, there’s also Snow Sharks which I’m only 50% sure is a real movie. Snowbunnies, watch out!


Frozen. No. Not the Disney version. If you have friends you’re trying to convince to go skiing with you, maybe show them this movie AFTER they get broken in a bit. It's everyone's worst nightmare, GETTING STUCK ON THE LIFT. ALSO WOLVES.


The Children. There’s nothing scarier than kids getting sick while on family vacation! Oh wait, maybe there is. Like if whatever they’re sick with is an "illness" that makes them try to murder you. That would be scarier. 


Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon. So maybe you’ve got a 14’er under your belt, but have you crashed a plane onto a 14’r and survived a dreaded Yeti attack? Neither have...some of the characters in this film.


Black Mountain Side. Ok, this one actually isn’t that bad (in my opinion)… For all you archaeological explorers and people wanting a more psychological thriller, this one's for you. It's also 2 hours long, so get cozy. 


Good luck, friends...and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!



Have some scary movie favorites you'd like to share? Comment below!

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