Editor's Pick: Coal Beanies

Editor's Pick: Coal Beanies

Posted by WinterWomen on Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Are you tired of wearing beanies that are basically designed only for men...leaving you wearing beanies that are tight all around your head and leave your hair flat and frumpy? (The one reason why I never wore beanies before!) If you are looking for a cute and fashionable beanie, you should look no further than our Coal beanies. They are made to look and feel amazing! The oversized fits make the material feel lightweight & loose on your head--yet it still keeps you super warm. The soft-knit feel makes the beanies work with your hair rather than just work your hair. I have always had a hard time finding beanies that I like wearing, and for the first time I'm actually becoming obsessed. Check out my four favorite Coal beanies we carry!

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