How To Successfully Workout at Home

How To Successfully Workout at Home

Posted by WinterWomen on Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Is the gym in your area too pricey? Do you barely have time to think, let alone go to a fitness center? Are you looking to get more into fitness but are unsure of where to begin? Whatever the reason you don’t have a gym membership, you do not have to limit yourself from getting a good workout. With just minimal pieces of equipment and some help from the internet, you can get in just as great of a workout at home as you would at any gym. Here are some tips on how to successfully work out at home.

Create a Fitness Environment

One of the most difficult parts of working out at home is lack of motivation. First, you need to create a fitness atmosphere that works for you. Whether you choose the basement, the unused space behind the couch, or the empty area in the room you use as an office, set up an uncluttered environment that you will be the most comfortable in that will allow you to get the best workout. Music is also a great motivator when it comes to fitness, so find a good Pandora station or create a new Workout Playlist on you iPad, turn it up, and start moving your body.

Get Rid of Distractions

Put texting and phone calls on hold. Keep the dog outside. Save emails and status updates until later. Make sure the kids are playing over a friend’s house or doing their homework. If you have little ones, ask your spouse to watch them or try working out during their nap time. You will need to get rid of all the distracting factors that will take away from reaching your goal: a successful at home workout. Put aside the time you need for your workout and make it a priority; everything else can wait.

Use Apps and the Internet to Your Advantage

An app is a great way to workout. If you are like me and work better with direction, an app can be a great way to get into an at-home workout routine. You can download it right to your android, iPhone, or iPad, and track your success. Some apps even calculate the calories you’ve burned. My favorite is the 7 Minute Workout, which offers free full-body exercises that works your legs and upper body. Check out the internet for different fitness demonstrations that work with what you are looking to tone. The internet is also a great resource to help you figure out proper form and safety, so you do not accidentally hurt yourself by moving your body incorrectly.

Put Together a Routine that Works for You

You’re coworker, sister, and the new fitness blogger you have been following may all tell you all about their at-home workout routines and what work best for them. You can take their advice and try out each one; however, you need to figure out what works best for YOU. If you loathe lunges and would rather focus more on toning your arms, stick to dumbbells and pushups. If yoga is more your thing, pop in a yoga DVD or find a good instructor that posts YouTube videos of different yoga workouts that you can follow. Once you’ve determined what works best for you, make sure you stick with it! If you only workout one day a week for 15 minutes, you will not notice much, if any, difference. When you are able to commit to a long-term workout plan for at least 3-5 days a week, you will start seeing the effects. Start light and train for volume before intensity, but make slow progress each week and you will surely see the results you desire.

Here are our suggestions of our favorite at-home fitness activities.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope burns an average of 10-20 calories a minute depending on intensity level all while strengthening your legs, butt, shoulders, and arms. Try alternating between jumping and resting for 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off for 20 minutes


Do any combination of moves for 30 minutes (you'll burn 150 to 250 calories per workout) three times a week for four weeks and you’ll lose 3 to 6 inches all over your body. Yep, belly included!


Your weight, metabolism, duration and intensity are the determining factors for the number of calories burned while performing this exercise, but you can burn roughly around 10 calories per minute doing burpees!

Fellow WinterWomen blogger Jackie suggests doing this exercise to "Roxanne" by The Police. As soon as the song starts, begin doing any type of cardio: jumping rope in place, jumping jacks, high knees, jogging in place, etc. Any time Sting says the word "Roxanne," you do a burpee! There are two main choruses in this song, and you will be doing burpees nonstop for that time. In-between the chorus, you continue doing the cardio of your choice. It's a great way to get a good cardio burst, and before you know it, it'll be over. The song is only 3 minutes and 8 seconds long, and you can do anything for that amount of time!

What are your motivation tips for a successful at-home workout? What’s your favorite fitness activity to do at home? Let us know in the comments below!


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