Women’s North Face Hoodies: Don’t Get Caught Without One

Women’s North Face Hoodies: Don’t Get Caught Without One

Posted by WinterWomen on Friday, November 18, 2011

20142015tnfwomensapexbionichoodierambutanpinkYou’re all packed and ready to head out on that weekend camping trip, or maybe it’s a week of boating at the lake. During the spring and summer months, or even fall months that might seem warm enough during the day, you don’t want to get caught without a lightweight hoodie to ward off a chill in the evening.

Whether it’s an unexpected rainstorm in the afternoon, or the sudden high winds and temperate drop before a mid-fall snowstorm, unpredictable weather is bound to happen—and you need to be prepared. A North Face full-zip hoodie offers protection from the elements, without the bulk, thanks to key features and benefits designed to keep you comfortable no matter what the weather.

North Face Women’s Hoodie Benefits

A North Face woman’s hoodie can be worn all four seasons of the year—maybe even more in the fall and summer than winter. For any outdoor mountain adventures in the summer, it’s important to keep a North Face hoodie for women handy in your backpack, cabin or campsite.

Women’s North Face hoodies come in many different styles, from insulator to softshell varieties. Hoodies from the brand feature:
  • Comfortable fabrics
  • Elastic-bound cuffs
  • Cinch-cord hems

A Hoodie from The North Face for Any Occasion

The North Face ladies’ hoodie is perfect for any number of outdoor activities:

Hiking in the summer - Whether you start your hike in the chilly morning temps, or for when the wind picks up and unexpected weather rolls in, you have the protection you need from the cold temps.

Fall and spring outdoor sporting events - Whether you’re wearing your North Face hoodie at your son’s recreational league soccer game or wearing one at your favorite NFL team game, you will certainly be warm—without overheating.

So be prepared for unexpected cold weather. A North Face women’s hoodie will keep the cold out no matter what time of year. Get yours today at WinterWomen.com.

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