Have you Heard of these Winter Sports?

Have you Heard of these Winter Sports?

Posted by WinterWomen on Monday, February 5, 2018

When we hear winter sports we instantly think of snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, curling, and ice hockey.  These sports require freezing temperatures, ice, and snow. However, have you ever heard of Snowkiting, Winter Biathlon, or Ice Sailing?  These sports are more popular internationally, however… but for the love of winter, we all should know about them!  Here are some fun facts you can show off to your friends, or even endeavor these winter sports yourself!


This sport relies on the power of wind guiding the players by kite across snow or ice.  This sport is similar to kitesurfing, however, they use the footwear for snowboarding and skiing.  This sport allows kiteboarders to take large jumps and travel uphill and downhill.   Most winter sports only allow you to travel downhill. Who wants to give it a go?


Winter Biathlon

You may have seen this particular sport on TV since it a winter Olympic sport.  However, many have not heard of it including me.  This sport combines cross-country skiing and shooting.  Sounds interesting right?  This particular sport is from the Scandinavian culture when people use to hunt while on skis.  This sport consists of races and targets.  The penalties can occur by missed targets and speed of ski racing.  Any takers for this challenge?


Ice Sailing

Sailing on Ice?  Yep, this is an actual winter sport.  The framework of the boat is like a sailboat but with skis below it.  This sport is more popular in Europe, Canada and northern regions of the United States.  However, it used to be a means of transportation of goods in past European cities.  So if ice skating never was your sport, maybe go with a sailboat instead?



Maybe next season, you will be buying new snow gear for all your Ice Sailing/Biathlon/ Snowkiting needs?Let us know what you think of these winter sports!



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